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"Autodesk technology has enabled us to easily share drawing standards with our extended project team of 90 consultants."
- Kifah Laham
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A set of extensions and applications for:
Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP (versions 2009 & 2010)

Rafter+ 2010.1
  Rafter+FF 2010.1

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Sort & MarkSort&Mark extension for Revit Architecture and Revit Structure automatically sorts graphic, architectural and structural elements. Extension allows you to save specific localized sort and mark configuration for later use in the current or future projects.

  • detects geometry of grids and re-marks them if needed;
  • detects and writes door swing direction, real door opening situation (From Room and To Room) and other predefined parameters;
  • sorts and marks doors and windows in different ways;
  • generates/updates legends for windows and doors;
  • generates/updates legends for any site/interior and architectural/structural/mechanical elements;
  • sorts structural foundations, sets/removes Final State for sorting;
  • sorts structural columns and beams in consideration of openings and cuts of steel elements and amount of reinforcement in concrete elements;
  • recalculates shared coordinates of structural columns and foundations;
  • generates Loads from Non-bearing walls;
  • allows to save specific localized Sort&Mark configuration for later use in the current or future projects.
PDF Sort & Mark brochure


Sort & CopeSort&Cope application for Revit® Architecture and Revit® Structure provides a set of tools for managing a process of coping of Structural Framing Elements by predefined coping distance.

Sort&Cope functions:

  • Apply coping along one beam - copes ends of all elements which are connected to the selected beam;
  • Apply coping between two beams - copes ends of all elements which are connected to selected two beams;
  • Apply coping for selected beams - copes connected ends of selected beams;
  • Change coping distance - changes coping distance of selected beams;
  • Remove coping - removes all copings from selected beams.
PDF Sort & Cope brochure


Rafter+Rafter+ application provides set of tools for roof wood framing and elements scheduling. Work is based on final 3D roof model. Common rafter systems (incl. jack rafters) for selected roof are automatically generated on all slopes. All You need to create hip/valley rafter – is to select two neighbor slopes. Rafter+ detects whether the element is a hip or a valley rafter. Software automatically generates collar beam system between two selected rafters in opposite roof slopes. Vertical distance from ridge or level to collar beam system can be predefined and later edited. Collar beams can be created on each side of a rafter pair. Ridge and girder beams can be easily modeled with control of notch in (BIRD’S-MOUTH) parameters of common, jack, hip and valley rafters. Vertical or horizontal distance to girder beam can be redefined. Existing rafters can be cutted immediately or later with special update function. Update helps to edit and change parameters of modeled rafter or beam systems.

PDF Rafter + brochure


Rafter+FFRafter+FF application for Revit® Architecture and Revit® Structure (extended version of Rafter+) includes an additional set of framing tools.

Openings in roof rafter systems are detected and can be framed automatically. Additional functions automatically generate floor beam systems, detect and frame openings in floor slabs, cut wood beams in consideration with opening geometry. Flexible scheduling technology is introduced in Rafter+ FF software. It allows quickly define how to mark and sort different roof framing elements. Sort function groups, sorts and numbers framing elements according predefined solutions. Main types of schedules as examples are included with software installation.

PDF Rafter brochure


Truss+Truss+ application for Revit® Architecture and Revit® Structure provides set of tools for roof wood framing. Special 3D Truss System Grid was created for framing hip, gable, barn ends and valley sets of roof. Work is simple. Select roof hip end, choose framing type (Step Down, Terminal, Midwest, California...), modify truss distribution parameters if needed and You will get 3D Truss System Grid in right place. Check and modify 3D Grid basic parameters, jack distribution configuration. Use Jack Expert for designate right type in right place. Configure type-span relation parameters for common, truncated, gable, attic, mono pitch, valley, hip girder and jack trusses. Tens of trusses will be automatically generated by 3D Truss Generator in several minutes (one truss per 2-3 sec). Functions for truss type modifying, coping truss elements and cutting truss ends are included.

Building Interior Designer (BID)

Building Interior Designer (BID)Building Interior Designer (BID) extension for Revit® Architecture provides set of tools for building interior design. Add on functions help to put, manage and quantify interior objects (furniture, lighting fixtures, cabinets, etc.) in the rooms. It is easy to apply, change and quantify finishing materials of walls, floors or ceilings.

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